Brad Boss

Brad Boss is a past president of the RIGA who served for many years as an official for both the Rhode Island and United States Golf Associations. He is a fine player himself, but has spent more time helping arrange and run events than competing himself.

His family’s company, A.T. Cross, sponsored the State Open for several years. Boss long has served as an official at The Masters at Augusta National, where he is a member. He also has been a committeeman for the USGA, most recently for the Senior Amateur.

A University of Rhode Island grad and long-time booster of that school’s athletic programs, Boss helped bring about a hockey arena at that school, to the point where the arena is named in his honor.

A classy, gentlemanly person, Boss made most of his contributions out of the spotlight. Ironically, it was an act of kindness he did privately that earned him national acclaim as a humanitarian.

Boss developed a friendship with Joe Collins, a caddie at Augusta National. The friendship became so deep that when Collins died Boss not only flew to Augusta to attend services, he made arrangement for Collins to be buried at a cemetery that overlooks the 10th green at Augusta National. Collins’ family told a reporter what Boss had done and the story was published.