Handicap Information

Beginning in 2021, all GHIN users will need to have a Digital Profile to be able to post scores on the GHIN Mobile App or GHIN.com. Every golfer will be required to have a unique email address.  


Golfers who are under the age of 13 will have to designate a guardian to manage their GHIN profile for them. This will help enhance the privacy and security of golfers.


Both the GHIN digital profile and guardian management will begin on Jan. 11. 


You will need to create your Digital Profile by Jan. 18. Starting on Jan. 19, the USGA will log users out of the app and require them to log back in and update the app.


Can I post scores without a Digital Profile?

You will only be able to post scores at your club’s kiosk without a digital profile. Without a digital profile you will not have access to the GHIN Mobile app or GHIN.com.


What if I don’t currently have an email address in my GHIN record?

A unique email address is required to be in the golfer’s GHIN record before they can create their Digital Profile. Golfers will not have the option to enter an email during the process of creating their Digital Profile. If you need to add an email address to your GHIN record, please contact your club’s Handicap Chairperson or Golf Professional.


Digital Profile
Guardian Management

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